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BirchTree Breads are distinguished by quality of ingredients and artisinal methods of preparation. All of the breads at BirchTree are made using all natural ingredients. This means no additives or preservatives. In addition, there are many healthy options that are made with only whole grains. The true secret to the depth of flavor of BirchTree breads is that they are made in a long, slow process with natural leaven. Once the dough is at its peak of fermentation, it is baked directly on the hearth at temperatures reaching almost 500°. This process and high temperature caramelizes the sugars to form a dark, crusty bread with soft interior.

What does Naturally Leavened Mean?

Naturally leavened bread uses a simple mixture of flour and water that ferments over a short period of time. This mixture contains wild yeasts (yeast spores that are found on plants, vegetables, soil, the air..) and naturally occurring good bacteria (Lactobacillus) that converts simple sugars into lactic and other acids which help leaven and flavor the dough. The enzymes in the bread begin to break down the gluten, so your body doesn't have to. Due to this process, naturally leavened bread has many health benefits. It aids in healthy digestion, it helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, it introduces good bacteria to our digestive system, and most importantly  it tastes better because it was created by a natural process without preservatives.

Care & Handling of BirchTree Bread

To store BirchTree bread, we recommend that you leave it at room temperature in a paper bag for the first day. If cut, place the cut side down on a cutting board and cover with linen. 

For next-day use, put the loaf in a plastic bag to maintain freshness. This will soften the crust, but reheating the bread in a 350° oven for 6 to 8 minutes will restore the crust. If the loaf has been cut, we recommend wrapping it in foil for reheating. 

Our breads also freeze very well. Place bread in freezer bag or wrap tightly in plastic wrap. When ready to use, fully defrost the bread. Then reheat the loaf in foil as described above. 

Never store your bread in the refrigerator or heat it in a microwave. 

Bread Schedule:

Bread comes out of the oven at 9:00am Tuesday-Saturday and at 10:00am on Sundays.


  • Country
  • Local Wheat (except Tuesday)
  • Olive & Herb
  • Coriander Raisin
  • Seeded Levain


  • Tuesday and Wednesday-Whole Wheat Flax & Toasted Oat
  • Thursday- Rosemary Ciabatta
  • Friday-Danish Rye
  • Saturday-Caraway Rye
  • Sunday-French Baguette

Our Breads

Country:  A farmers market favorite. Country is a classic crusty bread with a soft interior. (wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole rye flour, natural leaven, sea salt, & rice flour)                                             

Coriander Raisin:  Perfect bread for breakfast toast-combining sweet golden raisins and a citrus bite of coriander. (wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole rye flour, raisins, natural leaven, sea salt, coriander, & rice flour)         

Local Wheat:  This lightly fermented bread yields wholesome flavors and aromas from freshly milled, locally grown grains.  Be a Local Hero and buy this bread! (Four Star Farms bolted wheat flour, whole wheat flour, and whole rye flour, natural leaven, sea salt, & wheat middlings)

Seeded Levain:  An enhanced version of our Country bread, excellent toasted as the nuttiness of the seeds comes through. (white flour, whole wheat flour, whole rye flour, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, natural leaven, sea salt, & rice flour)

Olive & Herb: A country style natural leavened bread with the addition of savory herbs and olives. (wheat flour, mixed olives, whole wheat flour, whole rye flour, natural leaven, sea salt, rosemary, oregano, & rice flour)

*   *   *

Whole Wheat Flax & Toasted Oat (TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY): A hearty and wholesome combination of whole wheat and flax seed-when toasted this bread is a hearty and delicious way to start the day. (Four Star Farms whole wheat flour, flax seeds, rolled oats, natural leaven, sea salt, & rice flour)  

Rosemary Ciabatta (THURSDAY): Great for sandwiches, bruschetta, or to simply dip in good olive oil. (wheat flour, natural leaven, EVOO, sea salt, rosemary, yeast, & rice flour)

Danish Rye (FRIDAY): A hearty, nutritious rye bread made with local beer from 3Cross Brewery in Worcester, MA. (Four Star Farms sprouted rye berries, Four Star Farms Warthog whole wheat, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, buttermilk, beer, Four Star Farms rye flour, molasses, natural leaven, & salt) 

Challah (FRIDAY): (white flour, eggs, vegetable oil, poolish (flour, water, yeast), natural leaven, soy milk, sugar, sea salt, & active dry yeast)

Caraway Rye (SATURDAY): A light rye flavor complimented by caraway makes this savory bread perfect for sandwiches and toast. (wheat flour, whole rye flour, caraway seeds, natural leaven, sea salt, & rice flour)        

French Baguette (SUNDAY): A thin, crispy crust yields to a soft and chewy interior. This French bread is a perfect accompaniment to your favorite cheese and wine.(wheat flour, natural leaven, poolish (flour, water, yeast) sea salt, & rice flour) 

Olive Oil & Sea Salt Focaccia: (white flour, poolish, natural levain, extra virgin olive oil, & sea salt)

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