BirchTree Bread Company

138 GREEN ST. SUITE 5 WORCESTER, MA 774.243.6944

Incredibly good bread and pastries



BirchTree Bread Company is a true vision founded by owner and baker, Robert Fecteau. Rob has worked in the restaurant industry as a chef for the past 15 years. He began under the leadership of Stanley Nicas of the Castle Restaurant in Leicester, MA. At the Castle Rob was classically trained in culinary arts. He travelled on to Boston to continue his culinary path at the Four Seasons and was instrumental to the opening of the Ames Hotel.

Rob returned to central Massachusetts to take on the task of head chef at The Duck in Sturbridge. Rob was known for his innovative dishes using local ingredients as well as his impeccable pairings of seasonal dishes with locally crafted beers.

Looking to create a more sustainable lifestyle with his wife and fulfill his long-term goal of owning his own business, Rob left the late night restaurant hours to pursue the trade of artisan baking. He travelled to northern California to actively observe and intern at several well-known bakeries and returned to Five Loaves Bakery in Spencer, MA to apply his experience and create his own brand of bread baking. 

Searching for the right location, Rob found the community in the Crompton building fit his vision for BirchTree Bread Company. 















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